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How to replace witch assembly in rechargeable Maglite?

Need to replace switch assembly in rechargeable Maglite, and new one that was ordered didn't come with instructions. I am unsure of how to take out the existing assembly without breaking the flashlight...Can you provide assistance? All the info I have been able to find is for regular battery operated Maglites.

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How to replace witch assembly in rechargeable Maglite?

1st, remove the battery via the **** end of the barrel. 2nd, carefully remove the little RUBBER CUP that covers the depression off/on switch. Gently maneuver it out by lifting the edge of it then pulling it out. Do not cut or puncture it. This little rubber cup keeps water and dirt out of the switch. 3rd, Remove the HEAD (light assembly) off where the charging rings are, just behind the switch. Hold the barrel with one hand and with the other twist the head until it begins to unscrew from the barrel and until it is free. Upon completion of this step, set the barrel aside. If you have a digital camera you can photograph each step of this so that when you reassemble, you can simply refer to the photos for reverse order assembly. 4th, Unscrew the LENS CAP and set it aside. At first it may seem as if it is not unscrewing but keep going as it will come off. Upon completion, set the lens cap aside. 5th, Hold the BULB with a tissue and pull straight out with out twisting. Do not hold these types of bulbs with your bare hands as the moisture and oils of your skin can damage the bulb when the switch is turned on. Upon completion secure the bulb and set it aside. 6th, You will now be left holding the BEAM ADJUSTMENT HEAD which also contains the OFF/ON SWITCH. 7th, Firmly hold the ADJUSTMENT HEAD (the large portion) in one hand, then place the small end in the palm of your other hand and push the small portion through and out of the large portion. Set the head aside. You will now be holding the short barrel which contains the bulb holder and the OFF/ON SWITCH. 8th, Now look at the OFF/ON SWITCH. You will see a white plastic cylinder looking up at you. When you push it down you will hear and feel it 'click as it is engaged in the 'on' position. This and the assembly it is contained with-in must now be removed from the short barrel containing it. *CAUTION* When you finally ( In step #9 below) remove the SWITCH from the short barrel, the assembly containing the switch itself will want to 'spring' apart into two halves because it is under slight pressure due to the spring which puts tention on the OFF/ON button. Hold it firmly until you have it completly removed from the short barrel. Pay attention as you do this so that you can remember how to put it back together at reassembly time. 9th, Using a small common tip screw driver, depress the WHITE plastic OFF/ON button as far down as it will go. While you are holding it down with the screwdirver use the thumb of your other hand and push against the BULB HOLDER, this will cause the SWITCH assembly to move forward about 1/4inch and to the point where you can release pressure on the switch with the screwdriver. At this point DO NOT continue pushing. 10th, look down into the barrel where the white plastic switch is that you had depressed in step # 9. You will see a BLACK plastic housing which holds the WHITE OFF/ON SWITCH. Using your small blade screwdriver, slide it behind the BLACK plastic housing and gently apply a prying pressure which will force that housing containing the SWITCH assembly, to move forward and exit the short barrel containing all of this. REMEMBER! It is at THIS point that the two-part housing holding the switch assembly will want to 'spring' apart. Pay attention and go slowly. When you reassemble this part of the flashlight, know that in order for the switch assembly to go back into the short barrel the WHITE PLASTIC OFF/ON button has to be DEPRESSED, do it with the screwdriver, enough to clear the interior side of the barrel. Depress it and gently push the assembly back into the barrel until it is back where it began. Be sure to line up the male notch on the exterior of the switch housing with the female grove of the interior of the small barrel. If you have the notch lined up and the switch button depressed all the way it will slip right into place with a happy clicking sound. Upon completion of that step, reassemble the rest of the components in reverse order. There you have it. Good luck. :)
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Need to replace switch in my flashlight - MagLite RX3019 Rechargeable Flashlight 110V AC Converter

Jason, on April 24 I sent you the solution as to how to replace the SWITCH in your Maglite. :)
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Can't open maglite up - MagLite RX3019 Rechargeable Flashlight 110V AC Converter

Need to replace batteries. Try to unscrew the bottom with the success. What am I doing wrong?
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How do i change the bulb - MagLite RX3019 Rechargeable Flashlight 110V AC Converter

Unscrew the bottom portion, where the batteries go. Then unsrew the top where you can adjust the beam width until it comes off. Very carefully pull the bulb out and replace the old bulb with the new. The Reassemble is the reverse of the procedure.
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Not charging? - MagLite RX3019 Rechargeable Flashlight 110V AC Converter

Start out by checking the power transformer with a volt meter. It should read 13.8 volts. If you do not have volt meter, after the transformer has been plugged in for a few minutes, it should feel warm. Another possibility, which is more likely the problem, is that a battery or battery unit has gone bad and needs replacing.Good Luck!
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Rechargeable maglite won't turn on.

Thank you. This post helped me. I couldn't see the break in the filament of my bulb either so I just figured it had to be the battey so I replaced them and still nothing. After reading this post I put an ohm meter on the bulb and had nothing. Replaced the bulb and it works like a champ again.
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Repaced bulb and battery light will not come. Switch replaced in 2004

The switch probably went bad again, contact Maglite at and they will replace it at no charge.
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Change bulb light will not turn on

Try getting a new battery, and see if that works.
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I bought it from my neighbors and it is a 2 d cell flashlight not rechargeable and i scratched it up after putting a cheap black spray paint on it i was wondering how i should get it back to its original shiny black self? or which paints to use and should i take the bottom layer off or what because there is a bunch of little marks from other pint layers coming off

It would be quite an undertaking to just to restore a flashlight... but you will want to use a green scotch bright scrubber and scrub the entire light then apply a "self etching primer" then use a flat black pain and then use a high gloss clear coat... after the paint drys for a few days you can use some polish or turtle wax to get it nice and shinny. it will never be factory because they use there own method and most likely proprietary paints.
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Rechargeable maglite Light comes on in vehicles charger for 12v, back up 110v charger light comes but light is not charging. Battery only shows 2.5 volts. I have pulled the flashlight apart for cleanning brefore and I am sure i put it back together properlly. I have checked online to look for a diagram of the charging rings to make sure i put everything back the way it was supposed to be but cant find one.

Unless you are using your Mag. in extreme dusty, dirty conditions, it is not necessary to take it apart for cleaning. The Mag. is sealed against dirt and moisture. Mags are about the best lite made but always remember; 'Anything man made is subject to fail and usually at the most inconvenient time.' If I knew exactly where you are at in the dissasembly I could help you reassemble it. However, barring that; Go to;, they can help you with what ever you need. Good luck. :)
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