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Charge the battery has been out off charge for a long time and now it will not charge

Posted by desashe35 on Sep 06, 2009

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Charge the battery has been out off charge for a long time and now it will not charge

You would probly need to get a new battry becuse u might not have engogh juice in the old battry any more
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Charge Time for 5312 Lantern Battery?

Charge time is 18hrs. If you left it on and it was flat, imediately charge for 40hrs. heres the manual.
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New battery just bought a new rechargable battery for maglite,is there any thing i do differently to charge a new battery,and how long do i charge for?

Charge it for at least 12 hrs before using and run it down every so often to get a complete charge out of it and longer battery life. GGBMDB
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Rechargeable maglite won't turn on.

Thank you. This post helped me. I couldn't see the break in the filament of my bulb either so I just figured it had to be the battey so I replaced them and still nothing. After reading this post I put an ohm meter on the bulb and had nothing. Replaced the bulb and it works like a champ again.
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Where can I find a replacement battery for a Coleman lamp? Battery is a Fifutec sealed lead-acid rechargeable JL3-XMAS (6V-4AH)

Take it along as a sample to any battery shop and they will have a battery to suit
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Rechargeable maglite Light comes on in vehicles charger for 12v, back up 110v charger light comes but light is not charging. Battery only shows 2.5 volts. I have pulled the flashlight apart for cleanning brefore and I am sure i put it back together properlly. I have checked online to look for a diagram of the charging rings to make sure i put everything back the way it was supposed to be but cant find one.

Unless you are using your Mag. in extreme dusty, dirty conditions, it is not necessary to take it apart for cleaning. The Mag. is sealed against dirt and moisture. Mags are about the best lite made but always remember; 'Anything man made is subject to fail and usually at the most inconvenient time.' If I knew exactly where you are at in the dissasembly I could help you reassemble it. However, barring that; Go to;, they can help you with what ever you need. Good luck. :)
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I bought a vector 20 million power series sport/spot light and based my purchase on reviewsand company reputation. After receiving the light in the mail I followed the instructions charging it for the proper length of time then tried the light at night in a wooded area near my home. First impressions were anything but favorable, the light was poorly designed ergonomicallythe on-off switches were positioned to put it bluntly in a very stupid place making it awkward to turn off and on. I was ok with the lights size and weight it was just the way it was designed that made its size and weight a detriment to ease of use. Next after a several day full and complete charge I put the light in the trunk of my car to be ready for use on a weekend camping trip. When we arrived at the campsite and began setting up I got the vector out with high expectation of it lighting up my area so I could set up my tent so I set it up turned it on and at first thought wow this is great adjusted the stand started setting up camp when the brand new VECTOR 20 million candle power light slowly started to dim out all to my chagrin of course. within minutes it was dead as a doornail. Almost a HUNDRED dollars for a flashlight and my old trusty 1 million candle power DORCEY spotlight purchased from Harbor Freight that fortunately was in the trunk of my car came to the rescue.A cheap 10 dollar spotlight not only was brighter but it lasted the entire time it took to set up camp. After the weekend was over and I was back at home I emailed the vector company and to be honest was treated with a cross between sarcasism and indifference when I expressed my concerns. I was more than a little surprised and caught completely off guard so much so I allowed myself to be dismissed when I asked if I could trade in y brand new spotlight on one of equal or the one I was interested in trading on was a fair bit more expensive. My less than polite or helpful customer service represenative told me that they do not do that and in so much words he made it clear that I was stuck with the one I have and that it is clearly written in the ad that it is a large floodlight,. I gave up figured I had been stuck with the floodlight and swallowed my pride after writing a less than favorable review on the floodlight. I just had to write again I just took the light out to look at a car I had trouble with today turned it on and thought hey this is working ok but within 15 minutes the light dimmed very quickly till it was stone dead and I could not see anything. So out of sheer frustration I am writing this letter to express my feelings once more. Again I broke out my 10 dollar dorcey floodlight that had been hanging on a hook not plugged in and charging just hanging took it outside and it not only lit up my car but lasted the entire time and was still going strong when I finished brought it in hung it up and put the charger on it. So after this long winded explanation about one of your products it comes down to "I WOULD NEVER AGAIN BUY ANY VECTOR PRODUCTS NOR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!" I am stuck with this lemon I am trying to decide what the best job could be for this floodlight and all I could think of is that it would work well as a corner weight on the tarpaulin that I have covering my car. Sincerely, James R. Clement. A dissatisfied customer .

This light has'nt really like others much that can go wrong. I'm sorry to hear you had so many problems. I have this light and recieved it second hand, without an owners manual. I went to which redirected me to Black & Deckers web site. I there downloaded an owners manual. If I would'nt have done that I may have also posted many of the questions reguarding this light. There are many inportant things to know before use and continued use. The bulb and battery are replacable. Hope this helps! Matthew
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