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I cant get any petrol to pump into the mantles

Posted by paul_abbott7 on Jan 03, 2011

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Here liquid fuel is changed into the gas that burns in the mantles. ... TO PUMP Fuel Valve and Filler Cap must be ... 220f & 228F Lantern Manual
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How to Rebuild a Coleman® Double Mantle Lantern: Lesson Two ...

Rebuilding a Double Mantle Lantern. Lesson Two: Cleaning. ... The areas around the fuel filler hole and the pump ... Spray carburetor cleaner directly into the pump ...
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Troubleshooting tips for liquid or dual fueled lanterns or ...

Troubleshooting tips for liquid or dual ... The air stem must be partially unscrewed from the check valve at the base of the pump barrel before any air will pass into ...
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Hi there. I have been using my Coleman northstar for a week camping with Coleman fuel when it ran out I Began using unleaded petrol. It took a while but eventually worked fine. Now it doesn't work at all!! I have replaced the mantle but to no avail. It doesn't seem to have enough pressure to keep it lit no matter how much I pump it. Please help. Thanks... In the dark in Cornwall.

In the dark in Cornwall, have you visited Coleman's website?
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I have a Coleman single mantle dual fuel lantern. I have just fitted a new primer pump and i have vapour coming out and through the mantle but it will not ignite the mantle. Any suggestions please? Thanks

What kind of fuel are you using
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I have a dual fuel, two mantles, coleman lantern. I have changed the mantles several times and they keep getting holes almost every time i light the lantern.

Make sure that the vapourised fuel is coming through the mantle before lighting up. You should hear a hissing sound when the flame adjusting lever is turned to high. If not it is possible that the generator is clogged up and that vapourised fuel is not getting through to the mantle. So when you light up you are essentially just burning the mantle. If the generator is knackered it will need to be replaced. One way to check it to remove the generator, primed the tank and turn the valve on. If fuel spurts out when the generator is removed (DON'T LIGHT IT U)P THOUGH) but there is no hissing sound when the generator is intact then it is a sure sign that the generator is clogged up. In the UK a replacement generator should set you back £10-15. Hope this helps, Bandit
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I cant get any petrol to pump into the mantles

If the petrol doesn't come through first check that you have enough in the tank. If the tank is not full enough it won't come through. If it still fails to come through it's likely that the generator is blocked. This is the tube which the mantle sits on and it has a very narrow opening to force the petrol to convert to vapour when it's warm. Try heating it for a while and it may clear it. Otherwise you'll need to buy a new generator.Note: while the dual fuel lanterns can burn petrol you should be aware that it gives off poisonous fumes, like cars did before they had catalytic converters. The lantern should not be used indoors with petrol. They are safe with coleman fuel. If you live in the USA, Coleman fuel is cheap but if you're in Europe it's much too expensive. Rather than buying a new generator, if you live in Europe, you could buy a parafin burning lantern like the Petromax 500 available from other sites, or you can pick up second hand Optimus lanterns on Ebay. Both burn parafin, though they need to be primed, and provide at least as much light as the Coleman.
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How to install new mantles? - Coleman Northstar Dual Fuel Lantern

First of all, make sure your lantern is completely shut off and cooled down, and you are working in a well ventilated area away from any external fuel sources. You need to remove the screw holding the top cap on, then remove the top and the glass globe. Then remove the remains of the old mantle(s) and then tie on the new ones in their place. Then, with the lantern fuel supply turned OFF, carefully light the mantles with a match or lighter and allow them to completely burn to ash and the flame to go out. Do not touch the mantles after this point because they will be very fragile. Now carefully replace the glass globe and screw the top back on. Now you can try lighting the lamp normally with the fuel valve in the ON position. Here are a few links to some short videos on YouTube which demonstrate the mantle replacement process: I hope that was helpful to you, good luck. If you choose to rate this solution using the Thumbs Up scale provided, I thank you very much for your time and consideration. Joe.
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