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Put new batteries in it,turned it on and still wont work,you think it might be the bulb

Posted by collenmcquis on Feb 22, 2011

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Put new batteries in it,turned it on and still wont work,you think it might be the bulb

Before replace the bulb, check for rust or dirt inside the electrical contacts. clean it. if still wont work, replace the bulb. sammyc47
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I have a Cyclops 2 cell (2xCR123) flashlight that looks like the current CYC-XCF, but has no clip on the side. I bought two CR123-size cells that are rechargeable, but did not notice they are 3.7v each when fully charged. I put the cells in the flashlight right out of the package and they were GREAT--the light was as bright as I have ever seen it. I then recharged the cells, and when the switch was pressed on, the bulb went POOF! Obviously, a bulb designed for 6v was not up to handling 7.4v! In fact, I found one web site which described the bulb as "Ultra Bright 80 Lumens Xenon Bulb (T1-1/2 Xenon 4.8V)," for the new light with the side clip. 4.8v bulb for 6v?? Can you give me a part number for, a bulb which can handle two 3.7v cells? Since the original bulb might be rated at 4.8v, theone I need might be rated at 6v (over-driven by the same percentage). Thank you, Joe Hathaway

The CR123 is a 6-volt cell.
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Won't light with new batteries and bulb - MagLite Mag Lite® 2x 'd' Battery Flashlight In Display Box Black Case

Look where the batteries go and make sure there is no crud or corrosion in the housing or on the spring in the end cap .if you remove the bulb and check the voltage using a multimeter ,if its under 3 volts you have a bad connection somewhere in the housing.
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I put the flashlight in the charger and the red light on the base does not come one. If I adjust the position of the device in the charger, the red light flickers and then may stay on. The light still does not charge. I replaced the battery and the bulb, assuring that I have the battery in the correct position. I thought the charger was bad, so I bought a new one. What do you think the problem is ? Are the 2 round connector points adjustable ? I see they are attached with phillips head screws.

You have a bad contact between the flashlight and the charger, as you suspected. No, those points aren't adjustable, that shouldn't stop you from trying to adjust them properly. Most likely they no longer jet out sufficiently - try to put something under them, maybe that wouldbe enough.
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Can't open the flash light to change the batteries? Does the bottom open up? Do the batteries get replaced from the top by removing the bulb first?

The back, tail cap, should be unscrewed from the maglite to replace the batteries. It can be pretty hard to open as they are generally not opened very often and there's a rubber seal to keep it water-proof. You could try using a pliers or vice but be careful not to squeeze it out of shape. There's also a possibility that if the batteries are in it a long time that they have leaked and the leaked chemicals have sealed it. If this is the case you may be able to get the maglite replaced depending on what brand of batteries were in it. Maglite have an agreement with the makers of Duracell, Ever-Ready and Ray-O-Vac to replace the Maglite if one of their batteries leak in it.Details are on the bottom of page at
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New batteries, bulb looks fine, no light-what gives

Hold the glass part of the bulb, and twist the metal base. there may be a break there. good luck, hope this helps.
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Have put new batteries in bulb is ok just stopped workin 5 cell dd batts

First of all are you certain the bulb is ok? Test for continuity across the light bulb. The filament in light bulb will have a very low resistance. if you are not handy with a multimeter then respond back with a new thread and I can give you more tips on using a multimeter. Next, clean the contact surfaces off where the battery terminals contact the flashlight copper contacts. You can use a high grit sand paper if necessary. They sell battery terminal cleaner solutions/supplies at Automotive stores if you like. However, distilled water and/or alcohol will probably work just as good. Next connecting one probe of your multimeter to the top inner contact and then the other probe of your multimeter to the lower inner contact turn off and on the switch. When the switch is on, you should see the same resistance that you checked the resistance of the light bulb filament. If you don't see the same resistance then switch is bad. If resistances are equal then place batteries back in flash light and everything should be good to go!
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My son dropped the flashlight acouple times and now it wont work

Either the bulb is burn or just faulty or the switch is bad.
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Got new Energizer Hard Case Flashlight model IN421

Well much to our surprise the easy way is the best way. There are no instruction on the package nor on Energizer website but after googling we found reviews of the flashlight and how long it took others to find out how to put the batteries in. Although the base is DOES turn and voila....comes off to insert batteries.
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